La Lumière

La Lumière

As I remember the light in me
You will remember the light in you
The light was always there for us to see
But we forgot we had the power to choose

Within this sphere of illumination
Of colors emerging and truths revealed
We remember we are all One Nation
Now offering the present and past to be healed

The light shines then as a beacon of hope
For others to find the way to trust
As the aspects and depth reveal the scope
Of that which is not merely we wish but we must

~ Kim McElroy

La Lumière was created for my client Lori Bridges of her horse Alibi. Lori has a horse and human training center called Heart Centered Equine Services in Veneta, Oregon. The search for wellness for Alibi and the other horses in her practice led her to learn ancient healing techniques such as JinShin and CranioSacral therapies.

When Lori contacted me neither of us knew at first what elements would appear in Alibi’s portrait but Lori trusts the intuitive process. In my shamanic journey with Alibi he appeared symbolically as a lighthouse, and Lori was represented as the element of Earth. These elements gave us the beginning of a direction. As she was waiting for the portrait timing Lori continued to dialogue intuitively with Alibi about the portrait and each time she did she would receive her own meaningful imagery and signs from him. The portrait evolved to incorporate all of these elements along with photos that she sent.

The image of the clouds was taken on her land and depicts the face of a horse that is one of her horse spirit guides. Alibi and their land is surrounded by a sphere of protection and grace. Alibi was adamant in indicating to Lori that he appreciated the healing power of her hands that had helped relieve his pain and he insisted that the portrait was to be as much about her healing gift that he had inspired in her, as it was about her desire to have me paint a vision of him.

Lori’s Comments:

The longer I have time to look at the portrait, see the tiny details hidden in plain sight and hear Alibi’s messages, the more I am in awe and love of it. So many messages from other sources over the past couple of years are shown, that you never could have known. And the amazement that comes with that is nothing short of inspiring. I find the portrait energetically grounds me in a way I never imagined as possible. The energy overflowing my hands was a recent discovery and is the exact shade of color and light that one of my guides placed in my hands as a healing power. I cannot find the words that will fully express my gratitude to you and Alibi for bringing this all to the forefront of my view. It is life-changing. ~ Lori Bridges

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