Lady Faire

Lady Faire

The spheres that encircle time and space
Intersect when a horse and a human embrace
Though their hearts were tossed on life’s capricious seas
They were guided to each other by the armillary

Two became one as the bond was formed
Challenges became gifts as lessons were learned
Now with trust and faith they will ever abide
And together into the sunset they’ll ride

~ Kim McElroy

Jeri and her Morgan mare Lady live close by so I photographed Lady for her portrait. Jeri loved her curly mane so I chose the best photo and switched her mane to the other side of her neck for her portrait.
In my meditation with Lady’s spirit I asked to see a symbolic reference for her connection to Jeri, and in my mind’s eye I saw an unusual object. I didn’t know what it was, but it seemed to be like a compass. I described it to my husband Rod as a three-dimensional metal sphere, like a rapier hilt, and somehow like a compass. Rod suggested it could be what is called an “Armillary” which is used to demonstrate the motion of the stars around the Earth.
My interpretation for Jeri and Lady was that the armillary represents how they have helped each other discover their authentic selves and their “true home” within. I chose to draw the Armillary near Lady’s heart to convey her message. The flowers in her mane are Plumeria, celebrating one of Jeri’s beloved homes of many years in Kauai.

Jeri’s comments:
The Joy I felt as I first laid eyes on the portrait of my Lady horse is insurmountable. It is so much more than a painting. Lady’s Spirit radiates from this painting to my core. I found myself in an ecstatic frame of mind that led me to some Life Changing thoughts…all inspired by Kim’s painting and Lady Faire.

It is not a surprise, but truly this piece is a living entity… connecting our Spirits: Lady and Me. I believe Lady feels that I am at the center of her universe represented by the armillary and I see her as my center.

I am so honored, my gratitude knows no bounds. My deepest thanks to my dear friend, Kim.

With Rainbow Hugs, Jeri Brooke Hansen

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