Leap of Faith

Leap of Faith

As you peer into the intangible darkness of the unknown
I will be there with you.
The darkness will become as soft as velvet.
The empty void will be filled with the warmth of our living breath

Reawaken the love buried in your crystal heart
Watch it begin to glow like an iridescent sunrise
As the darkness of doubt
is dispelled by trust.

Transformation is only possible
if you shed the cocoon
of the worn and battered armor of your past perceptions
and emerge into the shining light
that is your true self.

~ Kim McElroy

When Julie Jacobs contacted me to request that I create the cover artwork for her new book I was excited at the prospect of depicting the themes she described. Her invitation to create the artwork began my own journey into “Radical Faith and Effortless Grace”.

Only a brief time after she contacted me, she found out she’d need to have the artwork done in a matter of weeks! With the deadline for her book publishing imminent, I didn’t have enough time to read the entire book to get a feel for what to create for her. So after our conversations and her sending me a few excerpts, I meditated with the spirit of her book, and the spirit of the horse character Satori who is one of her main characters.

What came to me was a complex vision that evolved into the work of art you see here. I launched into the creation of the painting, and surprised even myself at the ease and flow with which the creation expressed itself. I know this had a lot to do with the energy behind Julie her wonderful book, and the intent of her message of love. May Faith and Grace inspire you to embrace your own potential…

Julie’s Comments:

I was first introduced to the artwork and sheer creative genius of Kim McElroy many months before my journey in Heart Space began. I have been an avid follower of Linda Kohanov who is an incredibly talented author and pioneer horse-person in terms of bringing light to horse consciousness. ‘The Tao of Equus’ and ‘Riding Between the Worlds’ are two of my most favorite books of all time. When Linda Kohanov teamed up with Kim McElroy to bring, “Way of the Horse – Equine Archetypes for Self-Discovery” to the world, I was likely one of the first purchasers. This divination set of inspirational cards is unlike anything I had ever seen before. Each “horse wisdom” card in the deck features an original piece of Kim McElroy art.

As my book, “With Radical Faith and Effortless Grace… The Journey to Heart Space” came to life I began to have little hints of intuition that the cover would just find its way. One day, on a seemingly random intuitive thought I decided to send Kim McElroy an email asking if she’d be interested in creating an original piece for my cover. Boy was I shocked when I received an email response directly from the woman whose art moves me so deeply. It seemed we were destined to not only work together… but to become friends. I feel incredibly blessed to have been able to work with a woman who is not only incredibly talented but as kind, intuitive and compassionate a human being as I’ve ever known.

I was incredibly fortunate to be able to travel to Kim’s home and be welcomed warmly at her kitchen table as we talked for hours as old friends. The unveiling of “Leap of Faith” was a surreal moment. The Universe was smiling a resounding yes as one of the last pieces on this journey to bring the book to life fell into place. I not only received the perfect artistic compliment to my words… I received the gift of friendship. On both counts, I am humbled and filled with gratitude.

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