Lily’s Heart

Lily’s Heart

“From the colorful rainbow
Your spirit emerges
A spectrum of love you carry with you
Which enfolds those around you.

The eagle spirit keeps watch
Riding the distant winds
Reminding us that you are more
Than you appear to be.”

~ Kim McElroy

I am not always aware of why I am inspired to paint certain images in a portrait, but when the client is open to my inspirations, I am free to be spontaneous about my expressions. When I envisioned Lily’s portrait, the images of a rainbow and a field of yellow grass came into my mind’s eye. While creating the pastel a piece of lint landed on the distant sky, and suddenly I knew an eagle belonged there. As I worked, I chose the title “Lily’s Heart”. It wasn’t until after creating the portrait that my husband pointed out that the rainbow was actually coming from her heart, and that the pattern of lighter grass under her feet also formed the shape of a heart. These occurrences remind me that the process of inspiration is something as mysterious to me, as it is to my viewers.

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