This painting was created as a commissioned work of art for a client who liked my other popular horse in lightning painting titled “Illusion”.

In preparing to create “Magnetism” I did a meditation with the element of lightning.  I recalled a time when I experienced a vivid storm in the desert; I remembered the feel of the air, the acrid smell, the light and vivid flashes and the rolling thunder.

In the meditation I began to perceive the presence of lightning as a vast and untamed which put me in mind of the gods who are said to harness lightning in acts of power.  Yet I felt that the lightning was not something to be harnessed.  I went above the land, to the realm of the lightning beings.  I began to feel that they are not “of this earth” merely as an element, but also can be sent earthward as a message from the divine.  I visualized a place where lightning originates, and that it can be sent to wherever it is needed to restore balance, or where there is a void to fill.

In celebration of the loving and creative connection my client and his wife shared, I decided to paint two horses in the lightning.  To me the feeling is that the lightning horses are both of the storm, and a shelter from it.  They embody the power together as male and female in balance, and at the same time as the power does not harm them, it passes around them and through them as if they themselves are a shield against it.

Interestingly – the composition emerged as the two horses sharing the same tail – one can look at the tail and rump and imagine it belongs to either horse.

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