Masters Peace

Masters Peace

Within the vast sea of choices
Intent is formed based on pure love
Instantly light appears
in the colors of the rainbow
Creating form
where there was emptiness
Knowledge where there were questions
And restoring health
where there was imbalance
When all is in alignment,
all things are possible
~ Kim McElroy

This work of art is the result of a unique collaboration with holistic vet and healer Dr. Suzan Seeyle.  Over the course of several years, Suzan and I met, spoke, and meditated on how to best convey her ongoing personal journey with her horses as well as what they have taught her in her healing work with others.  During this time, two of Suzan’s older horses named Windy and Wizard crossed over, and a new mare named Glory came into her life.  These changes also informed the concept of the painting.

Since Suzan lives locally I was able to meet with Suzan and her horses Glory and Teddy.  During that visit Suzan voiced the definition that her true home and purpose is to “kneel at the feet of the masters (horses)”.  That morning when we went outside to photograph the horses, of course they were waiting for us, and when Suzan walked up and knelt in the grass, Glory and Teddy immediately came over and touched her on the head in a perfect pose.  It was a beautiful moment of such profound clarity of the sentience of horses and how they are connected to the Universal matrix of knowing.

Suzan was most drawn to the symbol of a Rosicrucian cross.  Serendipitously I found a image of a nebula called the Rosetta Nebula to represent the vision of stars and rainbow colors, the two words seemed to be a synchronistic combination.  The stunning picture of Suzan and the horses was perfectly suited for this vastness.  Windy and Wizard’s spirits join at the top of the nebula, and for the center Suzan requested a sunrise colored rose.

Suzan’s comments:
My life as an equestrian evolved naturally into the study of equine medicine.  Then my transformation from veterinarian to healer was jump started 11 years ago when my horses, Windy, Wizard and Teddy came into my life. The universe delivered a powerful punch with these three! Windy and Wizard now teach me from “the other side”, and a new teacher, Glory, has arrived in my life to guide my continued evolution.

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Master's Peace

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