Memories of a Soul

Memories of a Soul

On this microcosm of earth
Which sustains us from our birth
The mystery of life plays out
As we alternate between hope and doubt

There are many paths to choose
Only one led me to you
Yet we are all connected in time
Our roots and our branches entwine

We shared an eternity there
Between the fields and the air
As I journey on and the lessons unfold
I know you’ll remember my soul.

~ Kim McElroy

This painting is inspired by a horse named Simone. Her owner is a man named Justin who lives in the UK. Justin and his mother rescued Simone from an unhappy fate when she was being discarded as an overused and unhappy school horse. Through love he helped her find happiness again in her life with humans. They were together for eight wonderful years, but Justin had to move to India, so he needed to find a new loving home for her. He commissioned this painting of her to remember her by. He asked me to include the mythical tree Yggdrasil – the World Tree. He is inspired by the connective intelligence the tree represents. The piece was collaboration between Justin and I. He had a lot of input and feedback on all elements and together we found the imagery to compose his vision. I had a vision of a dragon hidden in the tree limbs.  The myth of Yggdrasil includes a dragon in the roots of the tree, but Justin felt my vision was equally valid to the direction of the portrait theme. The space nebula concept was his idea and was the final touch that added magic and impact to the composition.

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  1. Thank you for your wonderful art , so inspirational , i feel such a deep connection to your beautiful painting of Simone , amazing energy & love ,
    Blessings , love Jenny xxx???

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