Moon Song

Moon Song

By the light of the moon my soul feels bare
As I release my fears into the river’s care
In the wake of the horses who teach me to flow
I remember what I already know

My song returns as it was never lost
The moon is a blessing, her light without cost
I will rise anew to trust in the day
Understanding that love is the only way

~ Kim McElroy

“Moon Song” was created for my client Liz Phillipson.  Liz is a equine-assisted practitioner who specializes in offering a supportive environment at Moonsong Farm where her horses can help people heal and to empower them to connect to their true selves.  The six horses at the bottom of the painting are from Liz’s herd, and the eye depicts her former horse Lyric who lives elsewhere and watches from on high.  The rearing horse is the archetype of Horse as healer, carrying the human to their potential and allowing them to release and open their hearts to new possibilities.

The painting evolved over many months of planning, from taking the photographs of the horses, and discussing at length the concepts that Liz wanted me to convey.  In that process I also did a meditation for Liz’s painting, in which I became a tiny figure floating along with the horses in the river, and that allowed me to see and feel the flow of the horses and the river, experiencing what others must experience in their wise embrace; the release of transcending fear, transcending doubt – letting nature take care of me, trusting the river… trusting the horses to carry me…

Liz had a very clear vision of her painting and thus the process was unusually collaborative, including some aspects of the composition, the order of the horses, and the size of certain elements.  This was a fun and unexpected process of co-creation and resulted in a unique work of art that had a life of its own.

Liz’s comments:
I have come to love the painting in such a way that I don’t know how to describe.  It gives me something every time I look at it.  I am so glad that your input is strongly in it as that feels so solid, so strong.  What you create is so present.  I can’t thank you enough, both for doing the painting as well as working with me in the way you did.  That was profoundly valuable to me.

Reference photos:

Moon Song Reference photo

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