There is nothing greater than love
The Divine quality of attraction and unity
That is manifested in the soul
Of every being

~ Paramahansa Yogananda

This is a Soul Essence Portrait is of a mare named Mel, or Melisande (whose name means animal strength). Mel’s owner Sharon contacted me after Mel had gone into spirit. Mel was a show horse who’s service was longstanding and faithful, and she was loved and cared for in her retirement by Sharon.

In meditation with Mel, I saw an image of Mel and Sharon facing each other. In between them was a bowl. It seemed to be a ceremony of sharing the bowl – each sipping from it like in a tea ceremony. The cultural reference to the bowl symbol seemed to be Asian. I saw a big shining brass gong behind her. Mel’s deep eyes were looking into Sharon with compassion and love – The feeling of sharing the tea felt like the gesture of bowing to one another in the greeting “Namaste”. “The divine in me bows to the divine in you”. Behind the bowl was a white dove. Reflected in the liquid in the bowl was written the language characters for Namaste. I saw a shawl around Mel’s shoulders. It felt like she is a wise teacher – but humble, and that everything Sharon might see in her she sees in Sharon.

A healer friend told me that in the Japanese tradition the roles of Master/Student are also called “Teacher/Learner”. The Master and the Student are considered of the same wisdom. The feeling was that if Sharon were to look at this portrait of Mel, – she and Mel would be looking at each other and each would be saying/feeling the same thing – “Namaste You are my Teacher – I am a Learner….”

I discovered in my research that the symbolism and intent of a tea ceremony and the concept of Namaste are alike in many ways. The symbolism of the dove represents the soul’s return to celestial realms.

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Namaste - Mel

Sharon’s Comments:

I had Mel for too short time of a time, but that time was filled with wonderful memories and love. When I first started riding her she belonged to a woman who had bought her online. She found Mel to be rather fearful and extremely barn sour. With time, diligence, and patience she overcame those behaviors and we had several wonderful years riding together until I had to help her cross over because of an old leg injury from her previous life as a show horse. Before she passed away I had an animal communicator talk with her and learned that her favorite color was purple. My favorite color was green, so most of the leg bandages and blankets that I had for her were green. I bought a set of purple leg bandages and Mel was buried in these. Kim didn’t know of these colors, and when I saw the green background and mat in Mel’s painting and the purple shawl around her shoulders it made me smile.

Despite a horrible riding accident we had where she fell through ice into a shallow swamp, Mel learned to trust me and do as I asked. The animal communicator said that Mel felt that she had taught me patience. Mel and I had a relationship in which we both shared love and teaching. She taught me so much more that patience, she taught me that love can overcome all.

Mel’s painting is in my living room and no matter where I stand if I look at her picture it is like she is looking right at me. I pass by where Mel is buried every day, and when I did I picture my brave mare as she was just before I put her to sleep. Now, along with that memory, I see her portrait in my mind’s eye and it makes me remember all of the wonderful times that we had.

Thank you Kim, for allowing Mel to give me one lasting gift, that of her love, trust, and sharing with me all of the teachings she had. I got a PMU foal a year before I had to put Mel down, and she told the animal communicator that the “girl child” would be ok. There were many times during Emma’s recovery from being attacked by dogs that I felt Mel’s quiet presence and encouragement. She was a very special mare; kind, loving, and wise and I miss her every day.

Thank you,