Night Run

Night Run

Nine horses running in the crest, two horses appearing in the mist

“In the pale light of the stars
it looked as if legions of white horses rose from the ocean,
endlessly and rhythmically to attack the shore
with thundering hooves.
Forever they come in wild haste,
and the wind followed them like their own breath,
panting and shaking their white manes.”

~ Carl Raswan

I recall the moment when I first was inspired to paint “Night Run”. It was 1989, and I had just released a new painting called “Silent Sentinels”, revealing the shapes of horses I had seen in a cloud formation. One day, I browsed through a book store, and for some reason I was drawn to look at a book on waves. As I thumbed through the book, a chill went through me, for I clearly saw the shapes of horses in the waves, and simultaneously I knew that I had hit upon a momentous inspiration for a series I would call, “Horses in the Elements”. “Night Run” has become one of my most popular creations.


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