Our Girls

Our Girls

“There should always be
one more cat than person,
so everyone has one to pet,
and I have two to myself.”

~ Jarod Kintz

“Our Girls” is a portrait of two Persian kitties Sydney and Madison who were both angels at the time of the portrait. I had painted Kristin’s horse in 1990, and that portrait had helped ease the loss of her horse. The cats meant everything to Kristin, they both helped her through some major health and life challenges, so portraying their true selves was very important to her.

This was my first cat commissioned portrait. I was drawn to the sweet photo of Sydney in the leaves, so I challenged myself by having to create an image of Madison based upon a composite of a photo of her at the proper perspective as a kitten, and a photo of her older face. I learned that accurately depicting the faces of the Persians was a challenge – with their unique expressions and personalities. Kristin assured me their grumpy look was actually when they could be at their sweetest. It’s all in the eyebrows!

Kristin’s comments:

I could not love it more! It is perfect! That is my sweet Madison that I remember looking up at me. You even got her whiskers perfect. That was one of my favorite parts of her!!! You did an amazing job portraying their markings and their fur and you captured their sweet little expressions beautifully and now we will be able to look at our girls forever!! I thought the way you highlighted the leaves above each of them was great, I choose to believe that is the light from heaven where they both are.

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Our Girls - Sydney Our Girls Madison