Pegasus Luminous

Pegasus Luminous

“The mystery of connection
Connection ~ in space and time
Time ~ which is ever elusive
Elusive ~ is the nature of spirit
Spirit ~ is where we meet again
Again ~ ”

~ Kim McElroy

Lynne’s connection with Pegasus was palpable from the moment they met. Having never been a horse owner, the prospect of owning an Arabian and former show horse was daunting. She intuitively sensed his true name was Pegasus, and despite the ridicule she might face acquiring him and giving him that fantastic name, she took the leap of faith anyway. They had too short a time together, yet their connection was one that many people spend a lifetime seeking. And now even in spirit, they remain connected.

Lynne provided me with this inspiring and elusive photograph. When I meditated on Pegasus’s portrait, I felt his presence as powerful and serene. I saw him on a desert cliff against the full moon, and he did indeed have wings. A floating stairway rose to the moon, perhaps offering a path. This was amazingly echoed in the lines which appear in the photograph which were of a distant fence. Lynne later told me that the photograph was also taken in a full moon.

Lynne’s comments:

How did she do it? We’ve never met person to person, or person to horse, yet somehow she simply “knew”. My conversations with Kim were easy, yet personal. She does not need extensive explanations, she seems to simply open her heart and receive. I commissioned the portrait of Pegasus, but during the wait time he became ill and passed. It was a very difficult time, when Kim made herself available to me and offered support. This from a woman I knew only by reputation and a couple conversations – and that speaks volumes about the true nature of this wonderful artist. My experience with Kim, and the painting I now so love, will always be with me.

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Pegasus Luminous