Portal of Grace

Portal of Grace

Come now to the portal of grace
In the timeless space of potential
Between the dusk of yesterday and the dawn of today
There I await your willingness
To seek the light of your own heart…

~ Kim McElroy

Portal of Grace was created as a Soul Essence Portrait for Sandra of her mare, Grace. Grace is a healing horse who works with Sandra in her Equine Guided Development practice, Chiron’s Way. Like Grace, this is a painting that has so many layers of meaning, and though the interpretation has personal meanings for Sandra, the artwork speaks to others in an invitation to their own untapped potential. The imagery was inspired by the merging of symbols and visions that Sandra and I both saw in our meditations with Grace.

Sandra and Grace can be contacted at Sandra’s website chironsway.com

Collaborating with Kim on the soul essence portrait she did of my mare Grace was a delight. When Kim unveiled the portrait, I was struck by the power and beauty of it and in particular, the quality with which she translated the deep and profound nature of this horse, a horse who has met people in the depths of their grief, carried them back in time to collect shattered soul fragments and encouraged tenuous resilience to grow into lead mare-like power. Clear – strong – exacting – loving – full of grace. If she shows herself to you in her full power, feel blessed, for no one walks through the Portal of Grace – without being forever changed.

In reverence, to Kim and to Grace

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Portal of Grace

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