Regal Heart

Regal Heart

Revealed in the light of the distant stars
Destiny and faith guide me from afar
When the path forward seems unclear
I will embrace my faith by releasing fear

The essence of Horse is ever my muse
A symbol of vitality, his strength renews
My burdens feel lighter, my visions align
I remember to claim what is already mine

O’ benevolent one I kneel before your grace
As you so gently breathe upon my face
I accept the blessing and remember the day
I beheld the free spirit that is your way

It seems long ago, but a moment has been
With a beat of my heart I can feel you again.
Your beautiful form is a work of art
And your spirit carries a regal heart

~ Kim McElroy


I met Wouter in 2009 when his owner Kris of Starry Knight Friesians asked me to visit her farm in Wisconsin and photograph some of her horses.

It took time for the right mix of inspirations to come together for his portrait. Wouter is an incredibly beautiful and inspiring horse to paint. He is multi-talented, both at liberty with Kris and their Parelli expertise, and under saddle in her custom medieval costume, but the challenge was – he was TOO inspiring! The question was which photos among the ones I’d taken, and the hundreds Kris and other photographers had taken of him, would be the most unique and perfect for his portrait? Time and again we kept looking for what Kris commented when she said in an email “Wouter is so regal, but so incredibly loving and sweet.” That became our barometer for choosing the right images.

Finally the right combination of elements came together, and I’m sure you’ll agree Wouter is breathtaking, and that his portrait expresses Wouter’s “Regal Heart”

(Portrait head reference photograph by Cally Matherly)

Kris’ comments:

After Kim created the beautiful portrait of Antares, I had to have MORE! So I commissioned Kim to do another portrait. A perfect capture of my gelding’s Regal Heart. I am so blessed to be surrounded by Kim’s artwork.

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