Reo’s Vision

Reo’s Vision

“Legends are told of my kind.
Once the horse of warriors,
Now I carry courageous riders
who need my four legs
To heal their fragile bodies and minds
As the Seasons come and go
I reconnect them with the earth
and their own hearts.”

~ Kim McElroy

Reo is a breed of horse called a Curly Horse, and he is a therapy horse at Equifriends Riding for people with disabilities. When began composing his portrait I felt that a circular composition would most compliment the images his owners and I had selected. I also wanted to portray Reo in different seasons so I could showcase his curly coat in the winter. As I created the circle, I was put in mind of a Native American medicine wheel, which is symbolic of the stages of life, the seasons, and the wisdom of the four directions. Out of curiosity I researched the history of the Curly breed and discovered to my amazement that Native Americans once prized the Curly horse. These synchronicities are an exciting part of my creative inspirations.

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Client comments:

“Thank you for creating Reo’s Vision! It has been delightful working with you. We appreciate your personal visit, as well as your “remote visits” to capture Reo’s spirit and physical presence. The painting is a multi-layered, multi-dimensional remarkable likeness of Reo. We particularly like the way you’ve captured Reo’s wriggling nose, the curl of his winter coat and beautiful curly eye lashes. The seasons and medicine wheel remind us that horses are timeless (not burdened by the past or worried about the future) and healing creatures that help mend wounds of the soul and body. We love the painting; thank you so much.”

Bob and Penny Bayman

Reference photos:

Reo's Vision - 1028 Reo's Vision - 3030 Reo's Vision - 2029