Sea of Love

Sea of Love

“There is a place where our love dwells
Forever and a day
Where you can heal and become well
Here you’ll find the way

Recall the joy of times we shared
As each new wave flows in
The healing tide will soothe your cares
Renewing your faith again.”

~ Kim McElroy

Virginia got her first horse Caroline when she was 8 years old and Caroline was 17.  Caroline had been passed through a few homes by then and had 8 foals.  For Virginia getting her horse was a dream come true, and for Caroline it was a wonderful life with a loving girl and a forever home.   Virginia grew up showing her for many years and Caroline meant everything to her.  She lived a long and happy life until the age of 34.  It was so difficult for Virginia when she lost her best friend of 17 years.

In meditation with Caroline I received an inspiration for the portrait of the image of Caroline blending with the calm sea.  I felt the message from her spirit was to convey to Virginia that some of the pain of the past can be washed away by each day, each healing tide of the present, and what remains is the best and the most memorable moments of love.

The day after I started painting the portrait Virginia called me and said she had a dream in which she could see and touch Caroline for the first time.  Virginia was profoundly affected by the painting and she is starting to feel joy again instead of only sorrow.

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