“The land has wisdom more ancient than ours
Such grandeur the eye can perceive
But invisible is the weft and weave
Of the connections we receive

The animals are the guides to the path
Of learning to release and heal
They help us remember our innocence
Through the joy they inspire us to feel

The Senseis teach us mastery of self
From this our experiences flow
Humility, faith, and gratitude
With grace we continue to grow”

~Kim McElroy

I was delighted to be commissioned to paint two of the special animal teachers from Trinity Ranch and Sanctuary; a horse named Strider and a Border Collie named Boots. Bill and Margaret sent photos of their ranch and their animals, and asked for my input for a concept for a portrait. In meditation for the portrait I saw Strider and Boots against a sky that was the blue after a storm when you see the grey clouds breaking up and the sky shows through. I saw a herd of many horses, and the storm in the distance of the rain falling in a sheet of grey shadows contrasted with the blue sky, and ancestral horse spirits appearing in the rain. I felt a very powerful feeling of goodwill of the land supporting Bill and Margaret and the feeling that the land and the spirits on the land finally being allowed to manifest their energy as they were always meant to express it, as healers.

The working windmill was included as an integral part of the history of the ranch and marks a place of where gatherings are held with groups that come for learning.

Bill and Margaret’s Comments:
“You have captured our love for the land and the animals that God has entrusted to us. You expressed in images and words the release and healing that we experience through our senseis. Thank you for making this more than an “art project”–during this process we shared a beautiful and meaningful journey through time and space with you!” ~ Bill

“Kim, oh Kim, it is as though you have known us all our lives. The poem and the art are beautiful and perfect and richly uplifting….and speaks directly into our truth!
We are thrilled with the inspired message you received to create the poem that truly tells the all of us! Thank you! thank you! Your creations in all mediums are enchanting and illuminating and healing to the soul.”
~ Margaret

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