Stillness in Motion

Stillness in Motion

In a deep and hidden glen
I find my inner self again.
In healing light
I bathe my soul
my magic self of old

Glimmers shine
through bough and leaf
As sunlight finds me underneath
A mystery hidden
and then revealed
My spirit ever further healed

In the waters gentle rush
I open my heart and
learn to trust
The pool’s still mirror
reflects my peace
All darkness dissolves and
is released.

~Kim McElroy

This beautiful Morgan has the sweet name of “Timmy” – which at first glance seems in contrast to his show name “Intimidator”. But both titles suit him and he is described as a joyful horse who loves competition, and who refuses to perform if his rider gets too serious. In meditation with him I saw the image of a waterfall. I didn’t know what this meant, but I later found out one clue which was that his previous owners used to ride him into the mountains of Western Washington, and he had a particular love of water, which is unusual for a horse. Symbolically a waterfall represents exuberance and an uninhibited outpouring of creative energy and one who is celebrating Life.

From the Hidden Meaning of Dreams by author Craig Hamilton-Parker.

Reference photos:

Stillness in Motion - Timmy head Stillness in Motion - Timmy

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