Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams

The circle of our love
Ripples outward through time and space
This is where we intersect…
Where we can always touch.

In the reflections at the water’s edge
The light of the moon can illuminate our dreams
And remind us of the magic that is there waiting
Behind our closed eyes…

~ Kim McElroy

The inspiration for “Sweet Dreams” came from a photograph of Jennifer as a child with her pony Bullet taken in the early 60’s. Their time together was too brief because Jen’s parents sold her pony. Despite this loss, Jen’s love for horses was awakened from her childhood and now she has a herd of horses, many of whom she has rescued.

In my meditation I saw Jen as a little girl and Bullet led her to a magical pond with a frog and beautiful grasses around it. The pond seemed to be a place where she could go for “reflection” and guidance. I began to feel that Bullet is the pond. That she is a feeling, a place, an energy that Jen can tap into when she needs guidance. I saw Jen and Bullet as reflected in the pond. Hearkening to a place they can go in spirit to remember their connection.

I saw images of a butterfly, representing of Jen’s mare Bella who I painted with a butterfly in her portrait called “Bella’s Song” and a Calla Lily – representing her mare Lily who I painted in her portrait “Lily’s Heart”.

Reference photo:

Sweet Dreams - Bullet

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