The Eye of Noche

The Eye of Noche

What does the eye of a spirit see
As it transcends space and time
What does it feel like when the spirit flies free
Ascending to the sublime

Do you still see me standing there
Embracing the form you once held
Do you still hear my silent prayer
To the place where your soul now dwells

Now in the light of the setting sun
A tear shines bright in your eye
I see we are reflected as one
Knowing true love never dies
~ Kim McElroy

This work of art was created during the 2016 Horse as Muse workshop I taught with Linda Kohanov at Eponaquest in Amado, Arizona.  My intention of the demonstration for the workshop participants was to portray the act of drawing to music and drawing emotion.  In this spontaneous drawing, I decided portray a horse named Noche, one of Linda’s great horse teachers, she refers to as the Master of Sadness for his ability to help people grieve because of the traumas he himself had suffered.  Linda told a story of Noche’s death and the profound and sacred nature of the timing of his choice of when to leave the world and how deliberately he said goodbye to his horse and human friends.  Linda’s husband Steve had composed a beautiful piece of music called “The Eye of Noche”.  I created the drawing to the accompaniment of this music, in the space of less than fifteen minutes. The drawing is an attempt to portray the sorrow that has no words, along with the transcendence that is evoked when we are in the presence of a sentient spirit who has passed into the great mystery.  Linda and I and all those present were deeply affected by the experience.

Watch Kim create the Eye of Noche

Reference photo of Noche

“Master of Sadness”, Pastel, Kim McElroy

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