“There is more to life than being handsome
True beauty is in my zest for life!”
~ Tucker

Tucker is a show dog who has the heart and physique of a champion. I could tell he loved showing off because when I came to photograph him for his portrait, the minute he saw the camera he struck a pose and held it. I had to verbally tell him I’d finished before he would move! Then he showed me his amazing agility play and I saw what a fun goofball he really was on the inside. His portrait had to include both these elements for one to see and feel the true Tucker.

Joanne’s Comments:

You do such wonderful work. One can tell it is a labor of love with the heart that you show in your paintings. One look at Tucker’s painting and you know it is Tucker – you have captured his expression, who he is, in his eyes. I can look back at his puppy pictures, before we even chose him – our choice was between him and another male – and the expression in his eyes – I guess the essence of who he is… was there in that look. That is what made us pick him as a puppy and you have captured that so well in your painting. So many times I see Tucker looking like that and wish I could capture his essence like you did, and now I have it. Thank you so much – you have an amazing way to see in the heart and soul of an animal and capture it well! ~ Joanne

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Tucker Action (1)

Tucker Action (2)

Tucker Action (3)

Tucker Head