Wind Dancer

Wind Dancer

“I am a mare of earth and wind
Dancing with the elegance of my distant kin.
I am a creature of fire and sky
Ride with me and together we’ll fly.
Inner deserts and plains and mountains we’ll scale
and together we will never fail.”

– Kim McElroy

Ladie’s owner feels a spiritual and emotional connection with her mare and they are training in dressage. Helen requested I paint Ladie’s beauty at liberty and that she would like me to portray her with the elements of wind and earth. During their photo sessions Ladie exhibited a dramatic extended trot, and I selected her still pose of her gazing at the viewer. This shows both her beauty and her sweet nature. When I told Helen I had the vision of painting the colors of sage and gold she said, “those just happen to be the colors of my home!” I created a flowing expression of wind and earth swirling around Ladie in the wake of her beautiful trot.

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Helen’s comments:


I have to tell you what a pleasure it has been working with you throughout the production of the beautiful portrait you created of my special Ladie Zortanna, the Wind Dancer.  The questionnaire was an introspective process, and actually helped solidify what I actually wanted to see captured.  Always, your warmness and willingness to talk to me throughout the creation was most enjoyable and meaningful.

As you know, when I saw the final product on e-mail, the e-mail did not do justice to your work.  When the final piece came, I was overwhelmed to see my beautiful horse staring back at me from the paper.  Wind Dancer is a fantastic piece of art, and it perfectly captures my Ladie.

Thank you for such a wonderful acknowledgement and essence of my very, very special horse.  The likeness to Ladie is incredible.  I shall always treasure and value this beautiful piece of art.  And I feel I have a new friend in you, one who truly understands the spiritual connection we have with our horses.


Helen Knopp