Wise One

Wise One

In the timeless place of spirit
We can speak without a voice
A path opens before you
Offering a gentle choice

It is a realm of fluid knowing
Where what is… once was… will be…
Is opened to your awareness
In scrying imagery

Meet me there, my friend
Behind your lidded eyes
And together we will watch the gift
Of the first sunrise

~ Kim McElroy

This is an Expressions portrait of a beautiful Arabian mare named Sierra. Sierra and her owner Rita, were the models for the painting “Keeper of the Mysteries” depicting the mare headed goddess, which I created for the Way of the Horse card deck. In researching ideas for the painting of the goddess, Rita and I engaged in several meditations with Sierra and the mare headed goddess, and we were amazed at the vividness and concurrence of the imagery we received, as well as the nature of the profound messages that were revealed to us from her archetypal energy. These images and meanings were incorporated into the painting.

Sierra is now an angel, and I will always be grateful for the lessons she taught me in tapping into eternal wisdom. I feel that her spirit is receptive to any journeys one would wish to take.

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