Zavia the Wild

Zavia the Wild

Dancing in the winter fields
My true wild heart is here revealed
The velvet wings of Owl in flight
Sweep along and glow with light

Once you know my native ways
You’ll never recall barbaric days
Together we’ll create a vision
Full of trust and mutual wisdom

Join me in this invitation
To be a part of the horse nation
Though human, you are welcome here
In hope and love we’ll conquer fear

~ Kim McElroy

Megan adopted Zavia as a filly who had learned not to trust humans, she was anxious and aggressive, and seemed unreachable. Megan knew the task of rehabilitating her would be daunting, and despite her misgivings she persevered, and over the next few years they taught each other about unconditional love.

When I was commissioned to create Zavia’s portrait, they were only two years into this journey, and indeed, Megan wondered if her commitment to Zavia meant that she would be caring for a wild horse rather than a companion. But synchronistically as I completed the portrait, all of their striving had come to a turning point, and now Zavia revels in her ability to communicate with a human, and clearly believes that she is Megan’s horse, rather than Megan being her owner.

Megan had sent wonderful photos of Zavia along with an owl that shares their land. I was inspired to create a framework border of wild trees surrounding Zavia. I realized that this creative impulse came from the feeling that Zavia’s wild nature is also the source of her strength, and that it was by Megan’s willingness to understand that wildness, rather than force her to change it, that allowed Zavia to trust again.

Megan’s Comments:
I met Kim a number of years ago at a workshop she taught entitled, ‘Drawn to Horses’ and that is how I became familiar with her work which never ceases to move me. I asked her to portray my 5 year old Friesian mare, Zavia. Zavia reminds me daily that she is a horse. She is sweet natured, intelligent, sentient, free and even little ‘wild’ at times. Kim certainly captured her personality in her portrayal. much to the delight of my husband and I. We are both very grateful to Kim for managing to capture Zavia in a moment of time which we will enjoy for years to come. Light and love to you Kim.
~ Stephen and Megan

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