Commissioned Portraits by Kim McElroy

Not merely a likeness, but a timeless work of art.

Thank you for your interest in commissioning a custom creation. Your work of art will be personal to you. It is a tangible expression of your thoughts and feelings. My job is to create a harmonious vision that encompasses what often cannot be put into words.

The process of creating a work of art is as individual as the animals themselves. Some people know what they want and will request specific images or compositions. Others seek my guidance to direct the elements for their creation. Creating a work of art is a fascinating process of defining the essence of your thoughts and feelings.

For information on your pricing your custom creation and to be added to my waiting list, please fill out my Questionnaire. Then we will work together with the photos you send so I can give you a price for your custom creation and plan its creation.

Custom Creations

My artwork is created in pastel chalk in a range of styles. All these are featured in galleries in the Art and Portraits sections on my website.  The examples shown below feature horses, but I also create dog and cat portraits, and custom projects from book covers to animal spirit guides.

Expressions Horse Portrait

Visionary HealerThese are small portraits of a horse’s eye. Horses have the largest eyes of any mammal and their expressions are so evocative, their eyes are truly windows to their souls. Size usually square 8” x 8” priced starting at $500

Essential Horse Portrait

Ella's SpiritThese are elegant and simple motion studies in a style I call Spirit Sketches of the energetic impression of a horse. Size approx. 20” x 26” Priced starting at $1,000

Small Expressive Horse Portrait

Gathering LightOur horses know our hearts. A portrait allows us to connect with our horse anytime day or night.
Size approx. 16” x 20”. Prices starting at $1,500

Pet Portrait

montana Our animals share our lives so closely and it means so much to have a vivid and soulful portrait of your animal companion. Sized 16″ x 20″ Priced starting at $1,500

Iridescent Horse Portrait

One with the WindThese stunning and unique portraits are created by creating colors of the horse in iridescent sparkling silver, copper, gold or black tones with a touch of other colors, on black paper. Size approx. 16” x 20”. Priced starting at $1,500

Expressive Horse Portrait

navarre A photograph rarely captures feelings. Art expresses an eternal moment and conveys meaning and spirit. Impressionistic style.
Size approx. 20” x 26” depending upon composition. Prices starting at $2,800

Tangible Horse Portrait

Vivid and tangible, this style of detailed realism includes nature or other imagery and is like looking out the window at your horse .  Size approx. 20 x 26” or larger depending upon composition. Prices starting at $3,600

Essential Soul Essence Horse Portrait

Portal of Grace These creations are inspired by imagery I receive in a shamanic journey with the spirit of the horse. These are stylized works that blend the Essential style with other mystical elements. Not a realistic portrait but rather an interpretive work of the horse’s message. Size approx. 20” x 26”. Prices range from $2,800 and up depending upon the elements of the meditation.

Mystical Soul Essence Horse Portrait

These intuitive and visionary creations celebrate your deep connection with your horse. These paintings are like our personal mythology of what your horse means to you.  This version blends the realistic portrait style with other imagery that conveys the message of the meditation with other mystical elements. Size approx. 20” x 26”. Prices starting at $3,600

Waiting List & Deposit

Once we have communicated about the style and elements you are interested in and I have seen your photographs, I can give you an estimate for what price range your portrait will be in and what the time frame might be depending upon my schedule. I charge portrait commissions as an hourly fee within a budget that we mutually decide upon. The deposit will be 20 percent of the base fee we discuss.

If I begin immediately the process might take 1-3 months. The full balance is due when your portrait is completed.

Waiting List – 20% Deposit

A 20% deposit of your Portrait Price will place you on my Waiting List and—schedule permitting—your portrait will be started within the time frame we discuss. Upon starting your portrait, an additional 30% will be due, with the balance due upon completion.


Or, you can begin making $100 or more monthly payments, and as soon as your payments reach 20% I will place you onto the Waiting List and we will discuss the timing of your portrait depending upon the payment schedule.


For Soul Essence portraits, a few photos is sufficient. For all other portraits I’d like to see all the photographs you can send so I can get a feeling for your horse and what will work best for the composition. I work literally from the poses shown in the photos, though if requested I can remove tack or make small changes, which may be an additional charge.

I can work from regular or digital photos, or feel free to send a cd of high resolution full sizes files, or prints. It is essential to have quality color photos of exactly the poses you want me to create. If you only have black and white there may be an additional charge. I can enhance the look of a photo but I do not change the pose of the horse.

The Final Painting

The medium I use is pastel chalk, which is permanent in color but fragile to the touch, so it must be framed behind glass. I can ship the artwork unframed, or you can arrange to have me frame it for you. Framing, packaging, and shipping on all artwork are an additional charge.

Next Steps

For information on your pricing your individual portrait and to be added to my waiting list, please fill out my Questionnaire. Then we will work together with the photos you send so I can give you a price for your portrait and plan its creation. Get started here.

I look forward to working with you to create your dream!

Kindly yours,

Kim McElroy

Not merely a likeness, but a timeless work of art