Portrait Questionnaire

Thank you for your interest in my commissioned portrait work. I have designed this contact form to answer some of your questions and to give me some information that will be helpful when we discuss your interest in my commissioned portraits. Also please include your phone number so I can contact you personally to discuss your interest. Your information is confidential and you will not be added to any lists.

Feel free to contact me at artist@spiritofhorse.com or call me at 360 297-7736 ~ 9 am - 7 pm Pacific Time

I look forward to connecting with you soon!
Kim McElroy

Your Information
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About the Portrait
Which horse or horses are you considering for a portrait? (Please indicate other animals or people if applicable)
What inspires you most about my art?
Please share anything you’d like about your reasons for commissioning a portrait:
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About the Photos

The photos you provide are a key factor in what I can create for you. Seeing the photos of your horse as soon as possible allows me to connect with you and your horse. It is essential to begin the process of envisioning your portrait so we can dialogue and plan what I can create for you, and so I can give you an estimated price.

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Waiting List and Deposit Info

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I am interested in the following Payment and Waiting List arrangements:
    Option 1: 20% deposit (Placement on Waiting List and schedule permitting - my portrait will be started within 12-18 months)
    Option 2: $100 or more monthly payments towards my portrait (I will be placed upon Waiting List when payments reach 20%)

Thank you so much for your time and effort. I look forward to embarking upon a creative journey with you! — Kim