Satin Fire

As you will read below I saw this painting for the first time in 21 years, a few weeks ago.  Yet only now as I sat to write for my weekly e-inspiration and blog, did I truly tune into it and then it spoke to me… and then I really felt the emotion of re~experiencing my own creation. It is so much fun for me to have my own painting speak to me in poetry.  It reminds me that everything around us is a miracle if we but pay attention.  How many things do we have sitting around our homes, or in storage, that once held meaning but have gotten dusty with neglect?  What would it be like if we brushed them off, and wrote a poem about them, to get in touch with our own feelings again…  I’d love to hear your insights.

Satin Fire

“From the shadows of night
I emerge into light
Carrying with me the mystery of my making
Did I always exist, thus
Or have I appeared, just
in the moment of your waking…”

Satin fire available as a custom signed giclee at

"Satin fire" available as a custom signed giclee at

Satin Fire Insights
“Satin Fire” was a painting that sold in 1987 before I’d had it photographed.  Fortunately the collectors lived locally and recently they kindly allowed me to borrow it back to have it photographed, so it is now I can share it with my fans.  It is always an experience seeing a work of art that I created in the early stages of my artistic explorations.  The texture of the pastel, the paper, the composition and technique are all slightly different from what I do now, yet the essence of the spirit, the intent of infusing paper with pastel to create life… is vividly there.  It is like being reacquainted with an old friend.  Perhaps Satin Fire had to wait until now… to be revealed to someone who only now needs to see it…


  1. Kim- I love the idea of being surrounded by objects of meaning. And then allowing our hearts to be touched by that meaning every time we look at a beloved object, rather than passing by it sight unseen daily.

    What light we could let into our lives, if we took just a moment, to pick it up and let it’s meaning sink into our hearts, giving us more authentic power to go about our daily lives.

    I’m re-committing to surrounding myself with only meaningful objects of beauty that touch me!


  2. Kim, I just lost my horse after 16 years of being with her everyday. It is like losing a family member, it is heartbreaking to lose your trusted mount. My friend sent me a Leanin’ Tree card with your “The Legend” on it. I have thus, found your website. Your equine work is beautiful! Horses, you will find, will inspire you your entire life! Their spirit is never-ending as well as their strength.

  3. Hi Kim,
    Just entered your web site to register for your e-cards and wanted to wish you a truely wonderous festive season. Love your work and intentions, full of inspirations, light and joy.
    May you be drawn closer than close to your secrets heart desire – a union perhaps not of two things, but of the re – cognising of the image and its origin.
    Much love and best wishes.

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