Blended Beings


We feel the wind as a living thing
Moving through us like mercury.
Companions, we stand side by side
Sharing a glimpse of infinity.

— Kim McElroy



This painting was inspired by an evening I spent among some wild mares at Return to Freedom Wild Horse Sanctuary. It reminds me of the warm autumn wind in their manes, and the peace of mind they embodied. They approached me in trust and friendship and I was amazed at how close they allowed me to be, and how there was no competition among them for my attention. Despite the peaceful moments, I struggled between my desire to photograph their beauty and the desire to just be in their presence. Somehow I managed to do both, and I tried to absorb the feeling as much as the vision. When I returned home to my studio, it was the memory and these colors that appeared in my meditation and thus emerged onto paper without thought or plan in one drawing session. These types of spontaneous pieces are rare and treasured in my collection as some of the purest forms of my inspirations.

  • Framed Size: 30″ x 35″
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Framed Size

30" x 35"

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