“Dreamweaver” Framed Original


“All is connected
In the weft and warp of life
When we learn from horses
We begin to see the patterns.”

 ~ Kim McElroy



This painting was created from a vision in which I saw a native woman who was a weaver and the prayers in her rugs came true. An appaloosa mare was her guide in her dreams. In each rug or tapestry she wove a strand of her own horse’s hair. The horse’s hair and the rugs and the tapestry and all of Life were all One. When she grew old she climbed onto the back of her horse and rode into the desert. She and the horse just kept riding into another dimension where they joined the spirit mare.

  • Original, Framed
  • Image Size: 16″x 20″
  • Framed Size: 18″ x 22″
  • Shipping time and price to be determined, we will send you an invoice

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