“Heaven and Earth”


Know there is a balance to all things
The Earth and our lives have their own seasons
May you find guidance and hope
In the amethyst light of your intuition

As the rain of your tears turns to perfect snowflakes
Time will pass, and the seasons will change
You will find the deep green of the mossy forest
Healing the depths of your weary heart

~ Kim McElroy



This painting was created from a spontaneous expression from a vision I experienced.The imagery begins with a Heavenly unicorn with crystalline wings, and curved down into an Earth horse, part horse and part tree.The magical unicorn’s wings create spiraling snowflakes drifting down to earth. May you find your own messages in this inspiration.

  • Original pastel on transparent vellum, Framed with burle wood frame and iridescent silver mat
  • Image Size: 14″x 17″
  • Framed Size: 22.75″ x 25.25″
  • Shipping time and price to be determined, we will send you an invoice