Secrets of Drawing Horses Free video on Youtube


Designed for all skill levels, Secrets of Drawing Horses Free Youtube Video incorporates Kim’s unique teaching style in order to allow you to get in touch with your innate artistic talent. More than a “how to” class, it is designed to offers insights into becoming in tune with horses, through learning how to draw from feelings rather than merely seeing.



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In Secrets of Drawing Horses* you will learn how you can connect with the essence of horses through a powerful meditation that you will want to return to again and again. Experience a rare glimpse into Kim’s personal artistic journey and her creative process and a look back at the childhood dreams that inspired her to become an artist.

It is an enjoyable and fascinating experience for students and fans alike. And don’t forget to watch the bloopers at the end!

*Please Note: This video was filmed in 2008 so the quality is not as high as I wish, therefore I have kept the price low as the content is still enjoyable and worth watching. I also have a download available if you’re interested please contact me at

In gratitude to Mark Mottershead for filming, editing and uploading help, and to Vicki Logan for the inspiring music.

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