Secrets of Drawing Horses — DVD and CD


In the Secrets of Drawing Horses DVD Kim McElroy shares inspiring techniques for drawing that will change the way you look at horses. Using the medium of pastel chalk, Kim shows you how your perception of horses is the most influential factor in creating beautiful art.

The DVD is an enjoyable and fascinating experience for fans and students alike. See the YouTube videos below to get a taste of what you’ll receive.  The 1st video shows excerpts from sections of the DVD  and the 2nd video features the DVD introduction which is Kim narrating her story “The Girl Who Wanted to be a Horse”

The Special Edition CD  features an Interview in which Kim shares further insights into her approach of how to draw from your heart, which can influence all your artistic expressions in magical ways. Kim explores how her techniques of teaching can make creating art enjoyable and effortless. She also discusses how creating art and connecting with horses can be a way of accessing your subconscious feelings and an inner source of healing.  Also included are the Inspirational Story and Meditation techniques taught by Kim on the DVD for listeners to have a version of the meditation in CD format for listening anywhere and anytime.


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Designed for all skill levels, this DVD incorporates Kim’s unique teaching style in order to allow you to get in touch with your innate artistic talent. More than a “how to” class, the DVD offers you insights into becoming in tune with horses, through learning how to draw from feelings rather than merely seeing.

You will learn how you can connect with the essence of horses through a powerful meditation that you will want to return to again and again. Experience a rare glimpse into Kim”s personal artistic journey and her creative process and a look back at the childhood dreams that inspired her to become an artist.