The Last Unicorn


When the last moon is cast
over the last star of morning
and the future is past
without even a last desperate warning
look into the sky where through
the clouds a path is formed
look and see, how she shimmers
it’s the last unicorn.

— “The Last Unicorn”, lyrics by Jimmy Web

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This painting has gone through several incarnations. In 1993 I was commissioned to create a series of Unicorns for a Lenox China Collector’s Plate series. I exhibited the original unicorn painting at horse events, but a few people made comments that they thought it would look better as a horse. In my attempt to make the painting more popular, I removed the horn and re-titled the painting “Southerly Wind” after the Bedouin legend. It sold to a collector who used this painting as a logo for her Arabian horse ranch. She owned it for many years, and then later asked me to find a buyer for it. I decided to purchase it back from her.  I had always felt wrong about having removed the horn, in allowing popular opinion to sway my original inspiration.  Now I had the opportunity to restore the horn. When I recreated the horn, I could truly see a lightness and life return to the painting.

“The Last Unicorn” is the name of a famous book and animated movie by author Peter S. Beagle. Fittingly, in the story, people who don’t believe in unicorns see her as merely a white mare. In restoring the horn to this beautiful being I am restoring my faith in her, and that those who appreciate unicorns will see her for all that she is, a miracle.

  • Original, Framed
  • Image size 24” diameter
  • Framed Size: 33″ x 34″
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