Two’s Company


“…when pleased, they rub their necks together. When angry they turn round and kick up their heels at each other. Such is the real nature of horses.”

— Changtse

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The original of Two’s Company was bought over 20 years ago for a significant sum by a couple who loved horses and loved the painting. When they passed away their estate didn’t realize the value of this beautiful piece and sold it at a garage sale. Like a beloved horse that goes down the road, it didn’t have the same value in the eyes of those who sold it. Fortunately the painting was rescued by someone who could appreciate its beauty, who did the research and found me and learned that it is an original work of art and what it is really worth, and now they are looking for a loving home for it.

This beautiful piece is one of my personal favorites. The quiet tones of this piece remind me of a cloudy day, only the clouds are represented by the gray coats of these two beautiful horses, sharing their own communication only briefly interrupted by our viewing.

  • Image size: 15” x 30”
  • Framed Size: 29” x 43”
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Image Size

15” x 30”

Framed Size

29” x 43”