Sweet Dreams

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”Sweet Dreams” is a portrait I created for my client Jen from a childhood photograph depicting her with her childhood pony.  The photograph was so filled with love and innocence and peace, that I could feel it rippling through time to touch my heart even 50 years later.  Yet her story was also filled with sadness.  Their time together was too brief because Jen’s parents sold her pony.   Despite this loss, Jen’s love for horses was awakened from her childhood and now she has a herd of horses, many of whom she has rescued.

Sweet Dreams

The circle of our love
Ripples outward through time and space
This is where we intersect…
Where we can always touch.

In the reflections at the water’s edge
The light of the moon can illuminate our dreams
And remind us of the magic that is there waiting
Behind our closed eyes…

"Sweet Dreams"

“Sweet Dreams” NEW RELEASE by Kim McElroy

Sweet Dreams Insights

In thinking of the word insight I looked up the definition.  It means a penetrating understanding and the ability to perceive clearly or deeply the inner nature of things.  My inner world that is expressed through my artwork and writing has always been the way in which I receive insights.  In this case the insight of “Sweet Dreams” is something that came to me in a meditation.

In my meditation with Jen and Bullet I saw Jen as a little girl and Bullet led her to a magical pond with a frog and beautiful grasses around it.    The pond seemed to be a place where she could go for “reflection” and guidance.   I began to feel that Bullet is the pond.   That she is a feeling, a place, an energy that Jen can tap into when she needs guidance.   I saw Jen and Bullet as reflected in the pond.   Hearkening to a place they can go in spirit to remember their connection.

I saw images of a butterfly, representing of Jen’s mare Bella who I painted with a butterfly in her portrait I created called “Bella’s Song” and a Calla Lily – representing her mare Lily who I painted in her portrait “Lily’s Heart”.

A few years ago I ran across a quote I thought was so fantastic in explaining the drive to create or write about what we want to understand.”

“First, I do not sit down at my desk to put into verse something that is already clear in my mind. If it were clear in my mind, I should have no incentive or need to write about it. We do not write in order to be understood; we write in order to understand.”
~ Robert Cecil Day-Lewis ~

In my experiences as an artist I have come to understand that when we seek and receive insight, we have the potential of connecting on a deep level with all of life, in that place where there is no separation.  It is in the place where there is only, connection.

In parting this week I’d like to share another favorite quote from the book “Enduring Traditions ~ The Art of the Navajo”
“It is the medicine men who are true artists.  They must question and interpret.  They must journey back within themselves.  Artists are just doing what medicine men do.”
~  Jo Ben Jr.

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  1. This piece of art is just so beautifully touching to me in the childhood innocence. The love between a little girl and her pony is one of the most pure forms of devotion in life. You know that she is sharing all her hopes and dreams with one of the best friends she will ever have in life.

    Beautiful, Kim, as always!

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