Principles of Art – Part 2

CƐzanne once said that it was the artist’s task to become concentric with nature. When I paint horses, I try to become the horse. I feel what its like to have the sun on my coat and the wind in my mane, I feel the strength of four powerful legs and what its like to move my ears. In my painting titled “Being”, I vividly remember the experience of being that horse, running through the misty morning ...[Read More]

The Eye of the Beholder

The Eye of the Beholder The inner world of horses shines from their eyes. Both their joys and their sorrows are revealed, for horses cannot laugh, and horses cannot weep. Their hearts and souls peer from the depths of twin pools that reflect the world. Sometimes I create a reflection in a horse’s eye of an image of a horse or a person, to tell a story about the horse’s thoughts or experiences from their perspective. An e ...[Read More]


Awareness Inspiration This week’s painting, “Awareness”, has always been an evocative piece for me. There is a phrase that refers to the expression horses have called “The Look of Eagles” – and is often referred to as when a horse gazes into the distance with an air of knowingness. All their senses are tuned on some distant cause, perhaps a sound, since sight isn’t their strong ...[Read More]