horse wisdom

The Quest for Healing

Nicole asked me to create a Soul essence painting for her horse Okie who worked with her in her equine assisted learning work with people. Since she had rescued him he had struggled with digestive health issues and colic. Her quest to help him heal was a big part of her life with him.  Little did we know that his message would be leading us to Shangri La. I entered into a shamanic journey with Oki ...[Read More]


My heart is as ancient as the sea To ride the waves you must follow me I patiently wait for you to feel The depths of wisdom which I reveal In mind and body, heart and soul We are gifted with life and thus a role In the unfolding quest of love and light Be still and trust your own insight ~ Kim McElroy This painting was commissioned by Joy Collier for the cover of a book she was writing titled “He ...[Read More]

Ancestral Wisdom

Ancestral Wisdom Hello ~ I wrote this poem with no forethought, and no knowing of where it was coming from. Often I wonder if my writings might be too esoteric for the reader, but in this case I have decided to follow my intuition and publish this poem, trusting that it is speaking to someone who will read it. If that someone does read it, please let me know what it means to you… Across the stones of time I speak ...[Read More]