Kim McElroy

Spirits of Horses Rising Above Tragedy

Spirits of Horses Rising Above Tragedy

“Drinkers of the Wind” Seven horses soar above the sands "Oh to be a witness of such ancient mysteries as earth and sky and to behold the spirits soaring there...All around us, elements appear in forms that speak to our soulsWe have only to open our eyes to perceive their miraclesWe have only to open our ears to hear their wisdomEach moment is an invitation to remember our connectionAn ...[Read More]

Finding our Way Back to Childhood Wonder

Finding our Way Back to Childhood Wonder - Sweet Dreams artwork by Kim McElroy, Spirit of Horse Gallery, Kingston, WA I have been here, waiting between your breaths for the longest time. Knowing that someday you would remember. Remember Me. Remember Us. I am in your heart whether you knew me or not. Whether you had a pony, or only dreamt of one. We are both real, just the same. Somewhere along the way, you forgot the wonder. You remembered the love, but the love became inextricably woven with loss. Your heart was ...[Read More]

The Creation of Earth Dance

As we went along in the vision, I heard an eagle cry overhead, and I looked up, and spinning down towards me, floated a feather. It was a gift from the eagle. I suddenly knew and saw in my mind’s eye what to paint for Cutter. It was a medicine wheel.

The Inspiration of Promise

In the miracle of birthHe unfolded from the mareCompact as a wet butterfly emerging from its cocoon.His first instinctive thought – to stand! ~ Kim McElroy Witnessing the Birth of a Foal At 11 pm one night in the Spring of 1988, my friend Saradel called. I had been expecting her call, and now she was breathless on the phone as she said quickly, “If you want to watch, she just laid down. You ...[Read More]